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The story of MOGUL

MOGUL METALLIZING GMBH has been founded 1965 in Solingen, Germany as daughter company of the American MOGUL METALLIZING COMPANY OF AMERICA (founded 1924).

MOGUL METALLIZING COMPANY OF AMERICA has been a pioneer in thermal spraying and has invented (besides other processes) flame-spraying with oxy-ceramic rods.

2018 MOGUL METALLIZING GMBH has been merged with Interweld Austria GMBH and is now situated in Austria.

The main product-groups are:

  • Equipment for thermal spraying(Powder-Fuse-Welding, Powder-Flame-Spraying, Wire-Flame-Spraying, Rod-Flame-Spraying, Arc-Spraying, High-Velocity-Flame-Spraying (HVOF) and Plasma-spraying.

  • PTA (Plasma-Powder-Transferred-Arc-Welding) including automation (equipment and consumables).

  • Consumables for thermal spraying(Powders, oxy-ceramic rods and wires for the above mentioned technologies).

  • Peripheral devices for thermal spraying and PTA welding (Automation, sound-proof-chambers, filter systems, exhaustion units and blasting devices).

  • Other (Work protection for the mentioned procedures, masking tapes and –pastes, Equipment for quality control etc.

Interweld Austria GMBH - 2542 Kottingbrunn 

We act on a world-wide base. Equipment and consumables ca be found on all five continents.




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