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MOGUL ARC NGI 500 Pulse is a "state-of-the-art" arc-spray system to spray massive as well as tubular wires (diameters 1,2; 1,6; 2,0 and 2,5 mm). The pulse function allows (if required) finer coatings and higher bonding.

The TSG-NG (Push Type) arc-spray gun has been designed especially for the rough environment of a work-shop and has low maintenance cost. Also suitable for automatic applications.
Compared to wire-flame-spraying arc spraying has a higher deposition rate.
Regarding operating cost arc-spraying is the most efficient and cost effective spray process.

MOGUL ARC NGI 500 Pulse consists of following parts:

  • Power supply inverter based with 500 A at 60% ED. 16 – 43 Volt may be set (stay constant with changing Amps)
  • Wire feed unit (the wire feed may be controlled individually for the both wires) with 2 x 4 wire feed rolls (all wheels are mechanically driven). Wire feed unit can be separated from the power supply.
    Electronic control for equal wire feed.
    Control by touch-screen
  • Hoses and tubes, consisting of co-axial cables (for power and wire) and air tube.
  • Arc-Spray-Gun MOGUL TSG-NG

MOGUL ARC NGI 700 has two power supplies and is designed for heavy duty applications (Zinc > 55 kg/hour). Wires up to a diameter of 4,8 mm (3/16”) may be sprayed.

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