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MOGUL RMTS (Round Materials Thermal Spray Unit) is a universal-flame-spray gun to spray metal wires (standard diameter 3,17 mm = 1/8“ but also 4,75 mm =3/16“ or special diameters as 2,3 mm or 2,0 mm), oxy-ceramic rods (different setup required) or cords (different setup required) filled with powder (for limited application it is possible to make ceramic coatings).

The MOGUL RMTS has a state-of-the-art motor with RPM feedback. This leads to a shutdown in case of a mechanical problem without destroying the drive mechanism. The motor is capable of spraying high temperature melting materials like molybdenum as well as low melting materials as zinc.

For operation the following is required:

  • the gun MOGUL RMTS with the correct setup

  • motor control unit

  • Tube and cable set (tubes for oxygen, fuel-gas and compressed air an electric cable for the motor control unit)

  • Flow-meter or a gas control unit (MOGUL MRC 1 manually or MOGUL MFCU II – FS for automatic operation) see peripheral devices

  • a wire unreeling device (MOGUL WIRE REELER FS – see peripheral devices)

  • Gas supply

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