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The MOGUL OX-E is a rod-flame-spray gun to spray oxide-ceramic or metallic rods (standard diameter 6,35 mm = 1/4“ but also 4,75 mm =3/16“).

The MOGUL OX-E has a modern motor with RPM feedback. This leads to a shutdown in case of a mechanical problem without destroying the drive mechanism. The motor is capable of spraying all materials available as rods.

The advantage of spraying oxide-ceramics (compared to powder spray processes) is that only molten particles are sprayed on the substrate which results in high quality coatings.

For operation the following is required:

  • the gun MOGUL OX-E

  • motor control unit

  • Tube and cable set (tubes for oxygen, fuel-gas and compressed air an electric cable for the motor control unit)

  • Flow-meter or a gas control unit (MOGUL MRC 1 manually or MOGUL MFCU II – WFS for automatic operation) see peripheral devices

  • Gas supply

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